A Big Catch Calls for a Fish Fry

The South is blessed with thousands of miles of coast line along with a network of lakes, rivers and streams, providing plenty of places for fishermen to indulge their passion. There’s no better way to celebrate a big catch than with a fish fry.

Catfish, crappie, bass, grouper, mullet and snapper are just a few of the fish that might be on the menu at a fish fry. If you are not a fisherman but still want to experience this Southern ritual, many of these varieties are available in local grocery stores and fish markets.

The perfect classic fried catfish is made with salt, pepper, and corn meal. All you need to do is season the fish, roll it in white cornmeal and fry it up. This simple preparation strikes an almost perfect balance of mild sweet fish and crisp corn meal crust.

We can all agree that you cannot have a fish fry without hot, crispy hush puppies. No one knows exactly how hush puppies got their name, but one theory is that fisherman threw bits of the batter from frying fish to the dogs barking around the campfire with the admonition to “hush puppies.” Whatever the origin of this delectable corn meal creation, it goes without saying that they are easy to make.

Martha White® Traditional Hush Puppies are made with a simple onion flavored cornbread batter, dropped by spoonfuls into hot oil where the fish were fried. Now all you need is French fries, slaw and a lot of fresh lemon wedges – and you have a classic fish fry with a twist – a true taste of the South.

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