A Father’s Day Tribute

Thinking about my father, I’m trying to figure out what gave him pleasure. I know he loved his family and enjoyed having them gather at the table. He liked to get in his old pick-up truck and drive out into the country where he would stop and talk to people he knew. He was nice, always had a smile and liked to tell jokes to make us laugh. He was also kind. Long after he was gone people would still tell us about his small acts of kindness – some coal for their stove or food for their kids. He had a furniture store in town and tried to help when people needed a heater or new linoleum. Every year he gave away whimsical calendars featuring a scene like a thatched roof cottage nestled in a warm glow and sprinkled with glitter. Those calendars brought in folks from all over the county and he loved seeing them later hanging on their walls.

On Father’s Day, I think we did pretty much what we did every Sunday, but with some presents thrown in. Mother cooked dinner, my brother, sisters and their families came to eat. After dinner, we went out in the country to visit daddy’s parents. It made him perfectly happy.

How do you celebrate your Dad on Father’s Day? I’m sure he would love something you baked especially for him. It’s hard to go wrong with chocolate chip cookies. Here are two delicious, easy-to-make versions that perfectly say “Happy Father’s Day.”

Turtle Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookies

Easy Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

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