Cool Creamy Summer Desserts

Summertime evokes charming images of long, peaceful days relaxing in sun-dappled shade, but the reality is that summer usually has more crazy days than lazy ones. A casual dinner party with a few close friends or a special family supper can be a brief summer retreat. And the grand finale to any summer get-together is a cool, creamy dessert that you can pull right out of the refrigerator and serve.

The refrigerator and freezer can be your best friend for summer entertaining. Refrigerated desserts often need several hours to chill, so they are perfect to make in advance with no worries about last minute preparation.

Here are two cool summer pies that are a breeze to make. Both crusts have only three ingredients – muffin mix, butter and chopped nuts. Simply mix, press into a pie plate and bake.

The classic pairing of chocolate and peanut butter combined in a cool creamy pie will get rave reviews from kids and adults alike. Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Pie filling is basically peanut butter and cream cheese, with whipped topping. It is delightfully fluffy.

Made with melted white baking chips, cream cheese and almond extract with whipped topping folded in, the filling for White Chocolate Raspberry Pie is equally cool and refreshing. The crowning touch is blueberries and raspberries arranged over the top.

Remember to think cool while planning meals and get-togethers and you will enjoy entertaining as much as being entertained.

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