Dazzle Your Guests with a Fresh Fruit Tart

There are so many wonderful fresh fruits, berries and vegetables coming to market at this time of year, I’m afraid I might miss out on something. I actually like to wait in anticipation of the first strawberries and peaches. Not to say that I don’t buy California strawberries in the winter, but I enjoy locally grown. As each variety ripens, it’s a race with time to take advantage of them all.

Since it’s still a little early for some of our favorite fruits to be at their peak, I think I’ll wait a few weeks to talk about one of my favorite desserts – cobbler. But this is a good time to share a couple of recipes that are made with a variety of fruits – fresh fruit tarts. I think they are among the most beautiful summer desserts and the great thing is you can use the fruits that look the best at the market that day.

Fresh Fruit Tart with Shortbread Crust
Fresh Fruit Tart with Shortbread Crust


Fruit Pizza
Fruit Pizza

Both of these recipes have easy to make crusts. The Fresh Fruit Tart with Shortbread Crust is made with cookie-like shortbread dough that is simply pressed into a pie plate. And the Fruit Pizza is made with muffin mix dough. Feel free to mix and match the muffin flavor with the fruits you are using. After baking, both are spread with a sweetened cream cheese filling. And of course the crowning touch is a variety of colorful fruit arranged over the top. Brushing with warm jelly makes the fruit sparkle and look pretty as a picture.

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