Fourth of July Family Picnic

If you and your family love a parade and fireworks that is exactly what you should do on the Fourth of July. But remember, there are many ways to honor the freedoms we enjoy. Rather than a tiring over-stimulating day, occasionally it’s nice to just spend some time at home together.

When we were kids, our holiday was a simple backyard family affair. It did not include a grill or red, white and blue decorations. We just ate outside gathered around a white painted picnic table made from spaced strips of wood with attached benches on each side. Our picnic was a slight variation on mama’s standard summer fare. Often the menu was baked ham, green beans, potato salad, deviled eggs and sliced tomatoes. She might have made rolls that day, just to make it a little different, but we probably had cornbread.

There were kids running around the back yard and a watermelon chilling in a tub of ice water. After we ate, Daddy would cover the picnic table with newspapers and cut the watermelon with a big knife mama called her butcher knife. After the first cut, if the watermelon was good and ripe, it would just split on open with a satisfying cracking sound. Cut into wedges, we’d sit on those benches and eat it with our hands. Before long, juice was running down our arms and dripping through the newspaper onto our legs, but boy was it good! When everyone was thoroughly sticky, Daddy would get out the hose and squirt us off which elicited a lot of squeals and dancing around in the spray.

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe we can’t recapture that simpler time, but sometimes it might be fun to try. I would love to hear about your favorite Fourth of July memories. Tell me all about them in the comments below.

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