Waffle Iron Dessert

A few weeks ago, we talked about waffles for summer brunch, which is one of my favorites to serve guests. There is a totally different kind of summer waffle recipe I wanted to share with you, which made me think about different kinds of waffles and other things that can be done in a waffle iron. I’d love to know if you cook anything other than waffles in your waffle maker.

In her recipe for the Ultimate Ice Cream Sandwich, the 2012 Muffin Mix Challenge™ winner, Emily B. of Antigo, Wis. made chocolaty waffles to sandwich scoops of vanilla ice cream. Topped off with hot fudge and chopped peanuts, this ice cream sandwich is the “ultimate” treat for kids and adults alike. You can create your own signature ice cream sandwich by pairing other muffin and ice cream flavors.

Ultimate Ice Cream Sandwich
Ultimate Ice Cream Sandwich

The waffle, made with Chocolate Chocolate Chip Flavored Muffin Mix, reminded me that any Martha White Muffin Mix can be cooked as a pancake or in a waffle iron. Just remember, anything with sugar in the batter will brown faster than a typical waffle. Cook at a slightly lower temperature and be aware that it may not take as long to brown.
A quick search for “other things you can cook in a waffle iron” revealed ideas that would be fun for your family to try if you haven’t already. Just to name a few – hash browns, paninis, quesadillas, bacon and many more. Let me know what you try!

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