Perfect Deviled Eggs

Surely everyone has discovered delicious deviled eggs by now. Whether they have or not, I do know they are a staple of the Southern summer table and creative home cooks are serving them in inventive new varieties. As we know, our favorite regional foods can almost never be fairly described in one recipe. They are the product of generations of good cooks developing their personal favorite version. Deviled eggs are no exception.

The first step to perfect deviled eggs is perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs without the greenish ring that sometimes forms around the yolk. The result of a reaction between the sulfur in the white and the iron in the yolk, the ring is caused by cooking too long or at too high a temperature.

I have been using the National Egg Board’s recommended method for years and have always had wonderful results.

After cooling in water, I peel and make deviled eggs. If you’ve got perfect boiled eggs, the rest is easy. Like with many other classics, I’m pretty much a purist.


In my recipe the egg is the star, enhanced only by mayonnaise, a little yellow mustard, salt and pepper. Delicious!


Your perfect deviled eggs are limited only by your imagination. Make them spicy with horseradish, jalapeño or ground red pepper. Add sweet or dill pickles or relish, black or green pimento stuffed olives, or kick it up a notch with crab, shrimp or bacon.

Do you have a special way you prepare your deviled eggs?

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