Fresh Corn Fritters Celebrate Summer

Can you imagine summer without corn? Corn on the cob dripping with butter, a big skillet of creamed corn, crunchy corn dogs or crispy hush puppies to serve with fried fish? This recipe for Fresh Corn Fritters takes our passion for corn up a notch by adding fresh corn kernels to a corn meal batter.

Fritters are usually defined as a small, sweet or savory deep-fried cake made by combining chopped food with a thick batter or dipping pieces of food into a similar batter. My husband calls them “fried corn cake fritters.” I don’t know where that came from, but when he orders them in a restaurant they know what to bring.

This recipe is both sweet and savory. A thick batter made with sweet cornbread mix, fresh corn kernels and crumbled bacon cooks up into a delectable little morsel. Incredibly versatile, they may be served as a bread or side dish served with salsa or spicy mayonnaise. They are delicious with ham, barbecue or roast chicken. You can also sprinkle the fritters with a little powdered sugar and serve them for breakfast.

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