Welcome Back School Days with Pancake Wraps

It’s hard to believe that some schools are already back in session. It seems like we were just talking about getting out for summer. Hopefully you had a wonderful time and were able to enjoy some memorable family moments, especially around the table. Of course, school being back in session doesn’t have to put an end to family meals.

On days when your kids have a lot of after school activities, breakfast may be the best option for spending family time together. With a little planning, preparing the meal can be quick and easy, leaving time to catch up with the family.

For an easy, fun-to-eat breakfast, try Strawberry Banana Pancake Wraps with Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. The wraps are fruit pancakes, which take only minutes to make using muffin mix.

Pancake Wraps

Spread the pancakes with chocolate hazelnut spread (or peanut butter) and wrap around a banana. Delicious! And on those mornings when things don’t go quite as planned, they’re easy to eat on the go!

Pancake Wraps 4

If you’re really strapped for time in the morning, make the pancakes in advance. Separate them with sheets of waxed paper and freeze. When ready to use, microwave each pancake for a few seconds.

Pancake Wraps 5

Sitting down for a family meal doesn’t have to be sacrificed just because school is back in session. Even the briefest mealtime moments can be memorable.

How are you planning on working in family mealtime now that the kids are back in school?

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