Three Crust Styles Create Variety for Southern Cobblers

When my mother took me blackberry picking, it was an adventure. The blackberry plants grew wild among the weeds along old fence rows behind our house. Because there were briars, mosquitoes and Alabama sun to contend with, we suited up like bee keepers and trudged over to the pasture. Every summer she had enough blackberries to make several cobblers and enough jelly to last us through the winter.

Blackberry cobblers were our absolute favorites. Mother made them with flaky pie crust – bottom and top – baked in a large pan. Another easier version is made by topping the fruit mixture with rich biscuit dough.

And the easiest cobblers of all are made with a pour batter. Some recipes call for pouring the batter over the fruit. Others call for spooning the fruit over the batter which miraculously rises to the top and bakes up crisp, buttery and golden brown like this Lazy Days Blackberry Cobbler.

No matter what style cobbler you choose, just remember this is the time of year to take advantage of the fruits and berries at the peak of their flavor and celebrate summer with a fruit cobbler.

Tell me about your favorite cobbler flavors and styles.

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