Turnip Greens: A Southern Blessing

Turnip greens have been a blessing to Southerners – especially mountain families – for generations because they can be planted in the spring and fall, providing greens almost year-round. Cooked with some cured meat and served with cornbread and sweet potatoes, turnip greens were part of a go-to meal. Still today, they are a favorite Southern side dish even appearing on many Southern holiday tables.

In recent years, it seems that turnip greens have become trendy. Some Southern chefs are cooking turnip greens the old-fashioned way and serving with cornbread. Some are even using the flavorful liquid leftover from cooking turnips as a broth for soup – known as “pot likker” soup. Others are including greens in everything from dips to stir-fries.

One of my favorite recipes using turnip greens is Beans and Greens under Cornbread. This recipe is simplified by using canned beans and frozen greens. It’s seasoned with ham and tomatoes, then topped with cornbread batter. It is delicious and easy to tailor to your families’ taste by swapping out your favorite varieties of beans and greens.

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