Soups and Stews Soothe the Soul

It’s certainly not new news that a bowl of hot soup is comforting on a cold winter night, but it continues to be true. There are so many wonderful soup options from creamy creations to chunky hearty varieties, you could have a different soup every night.

As I’ve mentioned, my mother was a good steward of food. Almost nothing went to waste in her kitchen. I think the way she ended up with a big pot of vegetable soup is one of the best examples of her food economy. Roast beef, one of our standard Sunday dinner meals, was always chuck roast cooked in a blue enamel roaster in the oven. When the roast was done, she used the rich drippings to make that meaty brown gravy.

If the roast was big enough to have some leftover, she would use it along with the gravy to make vegetable soup. The soup was always made with her home canned soup mix, in addition to any little bits of leftover vegetables that had been stashed in the freezer. Her soup was never quite the same, but always comforting and delicious with a skillet of hot cornbread.

For an easy, but still amazingly delicious approach to soup, this Tomato Vegetable Stew with Cheddar Cheese Dumplings is a simple way to soothe a hectic day. Topped with cheesy drop dumplings, it becomes a satisfying one dish meal.

Do you have favorite dishes you make to take advantage of those little extras in your refrigerator or freezer? I’d love to hear about them.

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