Heavenly Coconut Cakes

For special holidays, my mother often baked her delectable homemade coconut cake. The cake layers were “from scratch,” moistened with coconut milk then covered with clouds of fluffy frosting and finely grated fresh coconut. It was a production, but well worth the trouble.

As much as my mother loved her traditional recipes, she was always willing to try new ones. I remember coming home from college one year for Easter when she made a coconut cake to enchant her young grandchildren. The cake was in the shape of a crouching bunny, with pink paper ears. The bunny was nestled in mounds of coconut and sprinkled with pastel jelly beans that formed perfect little candy Easter eggs. It was lovely and delicious.

Our Cream of Coconut Cake is an easy-to-make scratch white sheet cake. Cream of coconut is poured over the warm cake, then spread with whipped topping and sprinkled with coconut. This recipe calls for frozen coconut – a good substitute for freshly grated.

Cream of Coconut Cake
Cream of Coconut Cake

Mini Coconut Cakes with Coconut Cream is another quick and easy coconut creation. They are made with a muffin mix enriched with coconut milk and coconut flakes. Filled and topped with a delectable creamy coconut mixture, these little individual cakes are fun and easy to serve.

Mini Coconut Cakes with Coconut Cream
Mini Coconut Cakes with Coconut Cream

Whether you go with the traditional or take a little shortcut, a home-baked coconut cake adds just the right touch to your Easter celebration.

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