Little Martha’s Birthday!

Many people are not aware that Martha White was a real person. Her name and sometimes likeness have appeared on Martha White® products since 1899. Her father, Richard Lindsay, was the owner of Royal Flour Mill right here in Nashville, Tenn., and decided to name his best-selling family flour after his baby daughter Martha White Lindsay. To Mr. Lindsay, this decision signified his dedication to making the best product possible – one that would be good enough for his beloved child.

To continue this tradition of excellence, Martha White continued to introduce products that were both dependable and made baking easier for home cooks. Realizing that many of its Southern consumers were making biscuits and cornbread daily, self-rising flour and corn meal were added to the product line. Leavening (similar to baking powder and soda) and salt were blended into the flour and corn meal. The addition of these simple ingredients in the correct proportions insured good biscuits and cornbread, and simplified the measuring of ingredients for cooks.

Later, convenience mixes were introduced. The first were a line of Southern breads including biscuit, pancake and cornbread mixes called BixMix and FlapStax. Later a variety of fruit muffin mixes became favorites and to this day they carry the name of the baby who inspired her father over 100 years ago.

On May 31st, we celebrate Martha White Lindsay’s birth and give thanks for the line of baking products that have been used by Southern cooks for generations. Happy Birthday, Martha!

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