Make Corn Cakes for a Change

When I think of cornbread and fresh summer vegetables, I think of it prepared in a cast iron skillet – what my mom called “a pone of cornbread.” When I came to Nashville, I started seeing corn meal pancakes – topped with barbecue.  The Martha White® recipe files contain plenty of corn cake recipes.

Corn cakes are my husband’s cornbread of choice and I love to make them for him. The recipe I use is very similar to basic cornbread batter, but cooked into pancakes. If you make pancakes, you will have no trouble with cornbread batter.

Below are a few things I’ve discovered over the years of making corn cakes.

My recipe of choice is Martha White Sweet Milk Corn Cakes.  I sometimes make it with buttermilk instead of sweet milk. In case you don’t know, “sweet milk” is regular milk. Southerners often use this term to differentiate regular milk from buttermilk. If you prefer buttermilk, you may need to use a little extra due to its thicker consistency.  Buttermilk also tends to make the corn cakes a little crispier. Try both and see what you think.

How you prepare the skillet will have an effect on the outcome of the corn cakes. Using a non-stick cooking spray works great and creates a slightly crisp and tender corn cake. If you prefer a crunchier crust, heat a little oil in the pan before adding batter.

Corn cakes can be made with self-rising corn meal mix or a cornbread mix. This Mexi Corn Cakes and Barbecue Stacks recipe is reminiscent of my first corn cake experience. It’s made with a corn bread mix and corn with red and green peppers. To add a little heat, include some chopped jalapeno!

One thought on “Make Corn Cakes for a Change”

  1. I love corn cakes! In my family we grew up having them with fried fish, slaw, and other fresh vegetables of the summer, almost as a substitute for hushpuppies. While I don’t care for them slathered in syrup for breakfast, I love them hot and spread with butter for either breakfast or dinner.

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