National Eat Your Vegetables Day

June 17, 2015 is National Eat Your Vegetables Day. What a wonderful excuse for loading up on good fresh vegetables and sharing them with your family.

My mother made such great tasting vegetables that we didn’t really need encouragement to eat them. However, times have changed. Many of today’s home cooks have limited time available for in-depth food preparation.

There is wide variety of vegetables available to us – many of them year round. In the South, we are blessed with the soil and climate to help aid in the production of wonderful produce throughout most of the year.

Summers are a great time to get on the veggie bandwagon. Many flavorful summer vegetables need very little preparation or cooking.  When kids help with a vegetable garden they are more likely to sample what they have grown.  A few tomato plants in the yard could inspire a little more adventurous eating.

Taking a visit to a produce farm can present opportunities for learning about where our food comes from, as well as spending quality family time together.

Of course, another obvious way to encourage veggie consumption is to keep fresh vegetables in the refrigerator already washed, prepared and ready to eat.

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