What Are Your Favorite Herbs?

My mother’s primary use of fresh herbs was to occasionally add mint to our iced tea, use dill for pickling or add a sprig of parsley for a party garnish – yet her food was always flavorful.  She did use dried herbs like sage in her wonderful cornbread dressing, a dash of cayenne in cheese straws and a bay leaf in some soups.

Her chicken and dumpling pies were seasoned with fresh onions, carrots and celery. The spaghetti sauce my sister makes has no herbs, just caramelized onions.

It makes me happy to see the variety of fresh herbs available in grocery stores and how many people are choosing to grow their own at home. The classic combination of fresh, ripe tomatoes and basil, the addition of chives to biscuits and, of course, all the Italian herbs have become extremely popular all over the country.

These Martha White® Parmesan Fresh Herb Muffins would make a great addition to your summer vegetable dinners or served in conjunction with a summer soup or salad. The recipe consists of Martha White self-rising flour and Martha White self-rising cornmeal mix.  This combination creates a softer texture than traditional Southern cornbread. The addition of Parmesan cheese and fresh basil, dill and/or parsley gives these muffins a distinctive flavor. Let your creativity flow by using any combination of fresh herbs your tastebuds find appetizing.

What’s your favorite herb enhanced recipe?

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