Potluck Picnic Dishes

When I think of summer, potluck picnics, family reunions, cook-outs and homecoming celebrations come to mind. In the South, these events are usually accompanied by a communal outdoor meal.  The prevailing wisdom is that everyone brings their signature dish.   This approach seems to work well and the host/hostess ends up with a wide variety of dishes from meats, fresh vegetables, casseroles and desserts.

One of the best cornbreads to take to an event like this is one of the Tex­-Mex style varieties.   This type of recipe features ingredients like cheese, corn, sour cream, green chilies and/or jalapeno peppers that help keep the cornbread moist. This variety of cornbread is great served hot or cold and always a favorite.

The tried and true is a recipe like our Martha White® Classic Tex-Mex Cornbread Supreme made with Self-Rising Enriched White Corn Meal Mix, full of a variety of moisture lending ingredients and spiced up with peppers. The Martha White® Green Chile Corn Muffins recipe has fewer ingredients and made with an unsweet cornbread mix. If you prefer a slightly sweeter cornbread, you might want to give the Martha White® Cheesy Chile Corn Muffins recipe a try.

Whatever you decide to take, I’m sure everyone will love to see you coming!

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