Scratch or Shortcut: Summer Berry Cobblers

When I was growing up, cobblers were considered an everyday dessert, but cobbler today is now considered a beloved classic. In the South we are blessed with an abundance of summer fruits and berries, allowing us the opportunity to prepare many cobblers.  Southern cooks have traditionally been masters at pairing pie crust and biscuits with local ingredients to create all kinds of regional specialties, including cobblers.

I think a cobbler made with a flaky pie crust is the most traditional, but topping the fruit with a sweet rich biscuit dough is also a classic style. Our Martha White® Country Berry Cobbler recipe is topped with biscuits and the dough is enriched with sugar, butter and cream. The biscuits may be rolled, cut and placed on the fruit or made into a little softer dough and dropped from a spoon.

One of the easiest ways to make a cobbler is with a simple pourable crust like this Martha White® Berry Good Cobbler recipe. This batter, made with Martha White® Strawberry Flavored Muffin Mix, sugar and milk, is a breeze to stir up.

With an abundance of fresh fruits and berries available this season, it is the perfect time to treat your family and friends to a homemade cobbler.

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