Summer Squash and Cornbread Pie

With all the wonderful varieties of squash available, I still prefer the charming little crookneck summer squash. It was often a part of my family’s summer vegetable dinners with its mild flavor melding so well with the other summer vegetables.

My mother always cooked several fresh vegetables for dinner along with a skillet of crisp cornbread. Her squash was sliced, cooked with a little water, salt and butter. When tender, she mashed it until slightly chunky and let it cook down until the whole pot was creamy and delicious.

There are many ways to prepare this summer vegetable. The shape and vibrant color of yellow crookneck squash makes it the perfect choice for stuffing, roasting and grilling. Its flavor blends well with herbs and cheeses in casseroles, salads, frittatas and soup.

The Martha White® Summer Squash and Cornbread Pie recipe is a version of my mother’s recipe. We added onion to the squash, topped it with cheesy cornbread and baked until golden brown – Delicious! If you like all-vegetable meals in the summer, this recipe served with fresh green beans and sliced tomatoes is a celebration of the season. For a little heartier menu, add grilled chicken or pork.

What is your favorite way to cook squash?

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