Just Peachy Shortcake

Many people I know look forward to the peaches of summer. On occasion my father would stop along the roadside so my mother could buy big baskets of local peaches to eat fresh, use for cobblers and pies, or preserve for winter. In a matter of minutes the entire car would fill with the aroma of fresh peaches.

In addition to pies or cobblers, fresh peaches make wonderful shortcake. Shortcake is another Southern tradition that varies throughout the region and even among families. My mother grew up eating biscuit style shortcake, but later began making shortcake with cake – either a yellow cake or pound cake.

I soon discovered shortcake made like a sweet, rich biscuit and adopted this style as my favorite. The Martha White® Butter Pecan Drop Shortcake with Fresh Peaches recipe is made with a drop biscuit and enhanced with brown sugar and toasted pecans. It’s easy to make and the flavors are the perfect complement to peaches.

What is your favorite style of shortcake?

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