Cool Summer Suppers

Over the years I’ve learned some strategies to avoid cooking in a hot kitchen on a summer evening. Shopping once a week forces you to have meals planned in advance. Eliminating that last minute rush to the grocery store goes a long way in keeping the cook cool.

Save time by grilling meats like chicken breasts, bratwurst, ribs and pork tenderloin, as well as vegetables over the weekend to use during the week. Corn in the shucks and roasted red pepper are especially good grilled. I put anything that won’t be eaten until the end of the week in the freezer. Another tip is to cook peas, green beans or corn off the cob and refrigerate or freeze for later use as well.

The grilled chicken can be used to make chicken salad – we love it with pineapple chunks and toasted walnuts. I often slice the warm chicken breast, bratwurst or tenderloin to serve with the cooked vegetables the first night. Later in the week, a green salad with chicken, roasted corn kernels, avocado and roasted red peppers is delicious.

Another strategy to help keep your kitchen cool is to avoid using the oven. For an old fashioned vegetable supper, peas, beans, and corn can be warmed in the microwave. No vegetable supper is complete without cornbread.  Try this Martha White® Sweet Milk Corn Cake recipe and top dinner off with a delicious slice of Martha White White Chocolate Raspberry Pie.


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