What Would We Do Without Slaw?

Coleslaw is shredded cabbage with mayonnaise, vinaigrette or other dressing. There are multiple slaw options – Have you tried broccoli slaw? Other ingredients may include carrots, chopped onion, celery, or pickles. The truth is that almost everyone has their own personal favorite.

Whatever it is and however you make it, slaw is an integral and unique part of so many Southern meals. I personally love it with fresh vegetables. It provides just the right crisp, tart texture and flavor and is even the essential accompaniment to fried fish and barbecue. Many catfish restaurants give you a choice of mayonnaise or vinegar based slaw. To confuse the issue even more, some people order half mayo and half vinegar!

Oh, I can’t forget about mustard slaw, which also brings up the question of how you prepare the cabbage? My dear mother grated it on a hand grater, but most slaw today is shredded or chopped a little coarser.

With multiple versions of slaw and occasions to enjoy it, I will make the decisions a little easier and tell you how I make my favorite slaw. It’s simple – shredded cabbage and carrots (sometimes I cheat and buy the slaw mix in the produce section). My dressing of choice is mayonnaise with a little lemon juice for a touch of additional flavor and a sprinkling of sugar and salt.

This is my favorite version of slaw – how do you make yours?

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