Rise and Shine

It’s time to “fall” back into a routine with the help of fun, easy breakfast treat recipes. Start the process by planning a few easy menus and stocking up on basic items that will help you be successful.  You’ll be amazed at how pre-planning can ease or even eliminate your morning chaos.

It’s always handy to have several different flavors of Martha White® Muffin Mixes on hand. You can have warm muffins fresh out of the oven in less than 20 minutes or use the mix as a shortcut for delicious pancakes, waffles and other breakfast goodies.

I especially like the muffin mixes you can combine with other ingredients to balance out the menu like these Martha White® Blueberry Pancake Roll-Ups. The thin egg-rich batter makes a thin pliable pancake that can be rolled or folded.  We’ve suggested blueberry pancakes, filled with lemon or vanilla yogurt, granola, nuts and berries. Don’t be afraid to mix and match flavors and fillings to suit your family’s taste.

03 Rise and Shine Banana Berry Parfait

In the essence of time, pancakes can be made in advance and frozen. Before placing in the freezer, layer each pancake with waxed paper and put them in a plastic storage bag.

The Rise and Shine Banana Berry Parfait recipe is made with muffins (crumbled), yogurt and fruit.  This makes breakfast time fun for the whole family.

With a little planning, you’ll be able to whip up a breakfast that will have your family up and out of bed in a flash – and still have time to sit down to breakfast together.

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