Halloween Cookie Fun

Of all the wonderful memories of being in the kitchen with my mother, one of my fondest is of decorating cookies for the holidays. Having older brothers and sisters, my nieces were often at our house when I was a child. During almost any holiday season, my mother would bake delicious buttery sugar cookies cut into appropriate holiday shapes. She would make a powdered sugar icing, add food coloring and sit us up around the kitchen table to decorate the cookies. For some reason, I seem to remember the orange icing for Halloween cookies best of all.

Our cookies were often messy and wouldn’t measure up to today’s beautiful food magazine versions, but we loved smearing that icing over the cookies and trying to make something that looked like a jack-o-lantern by using nuts, raisins and whatever my mother had on hand.

halloween cookies

If you would like to do a Halloween cookie project with your children or grandchildren, here is a delicious sugar cookie recipe similar to the kind my mother made. For young children, I would advise the old stand-by powdered sugar icing. However, if you have children who are budding artists or you want to create some Halloween cookies yourself, try this Shiny Cookie Frosting recipe. The frosting is beautiful and can be spread or painted on the cookies with a knife or a brush.

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