The Perfect Muffin Mix for Fall Recipes

red carpet sweet potato cupcakes

If you don’t already know, Martha White® has recently introduced Sweet Potato Muffin Mix just in time for the fall and holiday baking. I am so pleased to tell you about this new product, not only because I love the taste of sweet potatoes, but also because the product is so versatile.

I grew up on sweet potatoes. My mother often cooked them in the fall and winter to serve with turnip greens and collards. Simply baked in their skin, we ate them with only a little butter. Sweet potato pies were another delicious recipe she made, but I would have to say the most memorable of all was her Sweet Potato Casserole topped with a mixture of brown sugar, butter and pecans – this was always on our holiday table.

Martha White® Sweet Potato Muffin Mix has a subtle sweet potato flavor seasoned with traditional spices. This flavor provides a wonderful palette for the addition of nuts, seeds and/or dried fruits like raisins and dried cranberries.

I loved developing this recipe for Martha White® Red Carpet Sweet Potato Cupcakes. By adding a can of crushed pineapple to the muffin mix, the cupcakes turn out moist and delicious. Spread with a brown sugar cream cheese icing and a sprinkle of chopped toasted pecans, these cupcakes are both homey and decadent. This delicious Martha White® Songbird Sweet Potato Skillet is a coffeecake made with the muffin mix and buttermilk, swirled with a cream cheese filling and finished with the traditional brown sugar, butter and pecan topping. Both of these recipes are sure to become two of your “go to” fall and holiday recipes.



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