cranberry upside down cakes

Cranberries have increasingly become a more familiar food item.  Originally, cranberries were most often served around the holiday season as part of a sauce for turkey.  Now we have year-round access to frozen and sweetened, dried cranberries and seasonal access to fresh cranberries.

The popularity of baked goods containing cranberries has given us a new appreciation of the unique, tart and tangy flavor these berries produce.  The harvesting season for fresh cranberries corresponds so nicely with our holiday season, making for an easy pairing between cranberries and the holidays.

When it comes to holiday baking, cranberries really shine.  Added to cornbread dressing, baked in a pie, cake or muffin, cranberries add a tang and explosion of color that make any recipe special.

Top off a holiday brunch with Mini Cranberry Upside-Down Cakes served with a cranberry sauce.  Cranberry and almond flavors pair beautifully to create this delectable festive treat that can be enjoyed anytime.  This Cranberry Pecan Corn Muffins recipe creates a taste sensation equally delicious for breakfast or as a surprise accompaniment to holiday dinners.  Made with a Martha White® Sweet Yellow Cornbread & Muffin Mix and sweetened, dried cranberries, these muffins are so moist and flavorful you’ll be making them all year long. For a lasting impression on your guests, Cranberry Orange Biscuit Bites will add the perfect touch to a holiday brunch.

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