Cajun Cornbread Dressing: A Perfect Complement to Fried Turkey

Several years ago a Cajun restaurant near my home began offering fried turkeys for the holidays versus the traditional oven-baked turkey. Since that time, many have discovered that this cooking method results in a moist tender turkey that many people prefer over roasted turkey.  In fact, many people have begun frying their own turkeys at home. If you’re looking for a dressing recipe with a Cajun twist, the below recipe may be just the one for you.

I certainly understand if your grandmother’s cornbread dressing is one of your sacred holiday recipes. However, one of the great things about traditional recipes is that there are ways to still add your own touch. Many Southerners wouldn’t dream of having dressing made with anything other than cornbread, mixed with some biscuits or bread and seasoned with celery, onions and broth. Without straying too far from the original recipe, try adding cured meat like sausage, bacon or ham and a touch of something sweet like apples or dried fruit.

cajun cornbread dressing

This Cajun Cornbread Dressing recipe is an embellished version of the traditional recipe by adding smoked or Andouille sausage, red bell pepper, garlic and a hint of heat with red pepper flakes. It may just be the perfect complement to your fried turkey feast.

Do you ever alter your traditional dressing or is that recipe strictly off limits?

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