Cookie Success

Buttery Sugar Cookies

The thought of Christmas cookies brings back a flood of warm memories: the childhood delight of baking with my mother or grandmother, the joy of receiving a tin of cookies from a friend or even the pleasure of baking cookies for a friend.

If cookie baking doesn’t always live up to your expectations, try incorporating the below tips to help bring the fun back into cookie baking.

  • For evenly browned cookies, use shiny cookie sheets, if possible. If using dark cookie sheets, reduce the original suggested cooking temperature by 25ºF. Dark sheets absorb heat and make cookies brown more on the bottom.
  • When making drop cookies or cookies rolled into balls, it’s nice to use two cookie sheets. You can be preparing the next batch while the first batch is baking. If you only have one cookie sheet, let it cool before placing the next batch of dough on the pan. A hot pan sometime makes the cookies spread too much.
  • When making cut-out cookies, try rolling out the dough on a pastry cloth. Any piece of heavy canvas fabric will do. Simply rub flour into the cloth and roll out the dough. It’s so much easier than rolling on a board. And the dough is easier to handle if you keep it chilled.
  • Store each type of cookie separately so their flavors don’t mix together. This will help prevent the cookies from all tasting the same. Store soft cookies in a tightly closed container and crisp cookies in a container with a loose fitting lid. If it’s humid, all cookies should be stored in tightly closed containers.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday filled with joy and love.

Turtle Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookies


Buttery Sugar Cookies

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