The New Southern Table

Eating meals together was a way of life when I was growing up. In our small town there were limited options for dining out and definitely no fast food restaurants. My mother was a wonderful cook so we all enjoyed sitting down together – it never occurred to us not to be there.

In the last few years, the availability of fast foods and super busy lifestyles played a part in the demise of family meals. However, with an increase in obesity, the farm to table movement and expert advice about healthy eating, many individuals are reevaluating our eating habits.

I’m excited to hear that more young families have made a conscious decision to limit extracurricular activities in favor of more family time at home. Part of that plan includes cooking and eating together.

Home cooking does not have to be a chore! There is so much information available about how to create quick, healthy meals for your family. Planning is an important part of the equation to help eliminate the anxiety & stress of preparing meals at home. Trying to decide what’s for supper on a day-to-day basis will eventually wear you down and will likely result in a trip to fast food. Get the entire family involved in planning and cooking so that it becomes part of your quality time together.

Smokey Chicken Fajita Pizza is kid friendly recipe the entire family will love. The topping can be prepared in advance, if time is short at night.

smoky chicken fajita pizza

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