What’s in Your Pantry?

If you had to go home tonight and make cupcakes for the office or school the next day, would you have the required ingredients in your pantry? You may be surprised at how easy it is to have a few items on hand that can be used to make snacks or desserts at the drop of a hat without making a trip to the grocery store.

When I select easy recipes that have common ingredients, I’m assuming most people have basic ingredients on hand like butter, eggs, milk, oil, vanilla, powdered sugar, cinnamon and cocoa. If you do, add two packages of Martha White® Banana Nut Flavored Muffin Mix, a small can of crushed pineapple, cream cheese and bananas.

With these ingredients, you will be able to make Hummingbird Cupcakes or Banana Nut Cupcakes with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting any time.  Both recipes make moist and delicious cupcakes that no one will ever suspect you started with a convenient muffin mix.

The Hummingbird Cupcakes are a variation on the now classic cake recipe that traditionally includes bananas, pineapple and cinnamon. Our easy cupcake version is moist and delicious just like the original. Topped with cream cheese icing, you can take these cupcakes anywhere with pride.

hummingbird cupcakes

We only enriched the basic muffin mix package directions with some oil and an egg to make Banana Nut Cupcakes. Topped with delectable chocolate cream cheese frosting these are sure to become one of your “go to” recipes for all kinds of casual occasions.

banana nut cupcakes

I’d love to know what items you can make from the ingredients found in your pantry.

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