Quick Muffin Treats Anytime

The thought of muffins usually reminds us of breakfast, but muffins are so versatile.   Here are some tips for quick and easy ways to serve muffins any time of the day.

pb&j muffin 2

Not Just for Breakfast

Muffins are an easy, portable anytime treat. Here are some ideas for serving muffins for meals other than breakfast.

  • A warm fruit muffin adds a nice twist when served with chicken, turkey or fruit salad for lunch.
  • Add a muffin to a sack or picnic lunch for a fun treat.
  • Mini-muffins make a perfect addition to a basket of assorted breads for brunch, lunch or dinner.
  • After school, at bedtime or anytime, muffins are a welcome snack.
  • Slice, butter and toast fresh or leftover muffins under the broiler to serve with dinner.


Spread the Joy

With a few pre-made spreads, it’s easy to put a new twist on the traditional muffin – making them perfect for breakfast or an after dinner treat / party snack.

  • Serve warm banana nut or chocolate chip muffins spread with peanut butter at breakfast.
  • Spread muffins with a swirl of prepared frosting for a quick party idea. Try vanilla frosting on strawberry muffins, cream cheese frosting on blueberry or chocolate frosting on banana nut muffins.
  • Plain, soft cream cheese is the perfect complement to strawberry, blueberry, wildberry or banana nut muffins. Try strawberry cream cheese on chocolate chip muffins for a rich flavor.
  • For a delectable flavor combination, try spreading raspberry jam on a warm chocolate chip muffin.

Quick and Easy PB&J Muffins are a great recipe for a snack or lunchbox treat by simply adding a few ingredients to the batter and topping with peanut butter.

Do you have any quick muffin treats you would like to share?

Stay tuned for more easy ways to serve muffins.


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