Rethink the Biscuit

The quintessential Southern biscuit is the latest culinary darling. Many food magazines have featured biscuits on the cover during the past year. Looking at all these different recipes reiterates my contention that the perfect biscuit is the one you love. That may be small and flaky, large and pillow-soft, dense and chewy or something else altogether.

If you already know how to make your perfect biscuit you’ve mastered step one. If you are like most biscuit makers, there are certain meals and times of the day that call for biscuits. A country breakfast, country ham and biscuits for a party or biscuit and gravy to serve with fried chicken.

You may want to consider expanding the role your biscuit plays in your meal planning. The hot thing in Nashville is restaurants that serve biscuits in creative ways – filled with everything from hot chicken to burgers.

If you haven’t mastered your favorite biscuit, try the classic Hot Rize” Biscuit recipe.  It’s a good place to start and only requires self-rising flour, shortening and milk or buttermilk.

2476 MW martha white hot rize biscuits

Everywhere you look there is a resurgence of interest in old favorites like the “Sloppy Joe” which food historians think may have been first served in the 1940’s.  Our Sloppy Joe on Cheddar Biscuits recipe gets a flavorful update by combining sausage and ground beef served on a crisp cheddar drop biscuit. It’s a version of “Hot Rize”Biscuits made with butter, cheese and a little extra milk, so you can simply drop it on a baking sheet instead of rolling it out.

What’s your favorite style of biscuit?  Do you serve them in a creative or unique way? If so, I’d love to know how.




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