Baking with Bananas

Whether you prefer to eat bananas on the slightly green side or fully ripe, most of us manage to end up with a few that are too ripe to eat. The good news is that overripe bananas are perfect for baking. And they can be frozen in the peel or cut into chunks for later use. Frozen bananas work especially well for making smoothies and baking.

2645 MW aunt lois banana bread

Probably one of the most popular uses for ripe bananas is for banana bread. I never pass up the opportunity to recommend Aunt Lois’ Banana Nut Bread. A delicious recipe shared with the Martha White® test kitchen by a former test kitchen home economist. There are endless recipes using bananas. Bananas not only lend delicious flavor to bread, but they also make the finished product incredibly moist.



Although not the latest fad, cake pops have settled in as a fun party treat. For a quick and easy version, try Chocolate Covered Banana Muffin Pops. This recipe makes a great family baking project. By using Martha White Banana Nut Flavored Muffin Mix and prepared frosting, you will be ready for the fun part in a flash. Let the kids help with forming the pops, dipping and decorating.



Have you heard of Hummingbird Cupcakes? By adding crushed pineapple and mashed bananas to Martha White Banana Nut Flavored Muffin mix, you can create a delectable cupcake in minutes. For the finishing touch, top the cupcake with a mountain of cream cheese frosting.

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