A Mother’s Day Care Package for Mom

Remember how wonderful it was to get those care packages from Mom when you were away at camp or in college? More than the homemade cookies and cake, a package from home was filled with love and memories. Over time, the nostalgia was replaced by the joy of sharing the special treats with all your friends.

Why not use this Mother’s Day as an opportunity to thank your mother for her thoughtfulness by making a care package for her? Think of how thoughtful this will be, especially if you can’t be with your mother on Mother’s Day. Even if you will be together, sending mom home with a care package or having one delivered to her will extend your appreciation for days to come.

If shipping a package, select treats that will travel well and stay fresh for several days. You may want to send mom something that you remember receiving from her. Do you have any specialties of your own that she enjoys?  Almond Raspberry Bars and “Go To” Southern Corn Meal Cookies are two of my favorite cookie recipes sure to be appreciated by your mother.


For packaging your treats – baskets, plastic bags, tins or waxed paper lined boxes can all be decorated with stickers or tied with a ribbon for an inexpensive presentation. For shipping, be sure to pad baked goods with layers of waxed paper. Pack tightly so that the contents don’t move around in the box or tin.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers who so richly deserve a special day to celebrate you!

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