Southern Spring Party Appetizers

There are usually so many things to celebrate in the spring. Graduations, weddings, end-of-year school parties, the random baby shower, birthday or anniversary party. These events may range from casual to fancy, but in the South we’re all about entertaining in our own personal style. Plan a party that blends your style with the style of the honorees and don’t hesitate to ask friends to help.

Thankfully, it’s a great time of the year to decorate with seasonal flowers and greenery. You may be able to use flowers and plants from your own yard or from a friend or neighbor’s yard.

Food is where your style can shine. Think about family favorite recipes, traditional and regional favorite recipes or trendy new recipes that reflect your preferences. If you are into your heritage and family history, include some of your family’s best loved recipes. These recipes are easy to incorporate into a bridal tea, baby shower, anniversary party or birthday party.


I was thinking recently of a Southern appetizer that was always on our tea menus in college home economics – refreshing cucumber sandwiches. We made them with a seasoned spread of cream cheese and/or mayonnaise on little rounds of crustless bread and topped with sliced cucumber. Blue and Cheddar Cheese Straws and Wafers are a Southern party staple as are country ham biscuits. Cheesy Country Ham Biscuit Bites are an easier version of the original, but are always a hit!


What are your favorite party foods?

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