Perfect Parfaits

The French translation for the word “parfait” is perfect. What an appropriate name for the charming desserts layered in tall glasses. Traditionally, parfaits were made with ice cream, pudding or custard and then layered with fruit or fruit syrup and topped with whipped cream. Parfaits are not only pretty and delicious, they are fun to make. If you do not have parfait glasses, any clear glasses will work. Parfaits may also be made in small canning jars, making them transportable to a picnic, work or school. Parfaits need to be kept cold in a cooler or in an insulated bag with an ice pack.

The fun part of creating a parfait is layering the ingredients into the glasses. Select and assemble ingredients – different colored layers work best. Try and keep the custard off the glass by using a spoon with a long handle – similar to an iced tea spoon.


These parfaits are a little different because one layer is crumbled Martha White® Banana Nut Flavored Muffins, The Banana Berry Pudding Parfait recipe is amazingly delicious. You can make this pudding recipe by using an instant pudding mix and adding a cup of sour cream to give the mix a rich dairy flavor.  Adding a few berries makes a pretty parfait and imparts a refreshing flavor. Great for breakfast, Rise and Shine Banana Berry Pudding Parfaits are made with yogurt and crumbled muffins, granola and berries.

Who could ask for a more perfect spring dessert?

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