Put a Southern Spin on the Sandwich

If you grew up in the South, you’ve probably eaten cornbread in many different ways, but have you ever had a sandwich on cornbread?  Our National Cornbread Cook-Off participants always amaze me with their creative uses for cornbread. Two of our past National Cornbread Cook-Off winners made cornbread sandwiches!

Bacon and Gorgonzola Cornbread Sliders with Chipotle Mayo was the first place winning recipe in 2010. Instead of the typical small bun, these sliders are made on cornbread muffins. By adding flour, sour cream and an egg to a cornbread mix the muffins are moist enough to use instead of a bun. Chives, bacon and gorgonzola cheese add such great flavor to these sandwiches which would be delicious served with soup, salad or chili. To finish the sliders, split the muffins in half and spread with chipotle mayo, add a small cooked ground beef patty, cheese and grilled onions. Delicious!

8082-MW-ULTIMATE-GRILLED-CHEESE-HERO-1200X1200_mediumIn 2014, The Ultimate Southern Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipe took third place. The cornbread for this sandwich is cooked in a cast iron skillet, cut into 4 wedges and sliced lengthwise. Cut sides are spread with ranch dressing. On the bottom wedges, place cheese slices, bacon, grilled onions, tomato slices and more cheese. Grilled in butter until golden brown and crunchy, these grilled cheese sandwiches are really an ultimate grilled cheese.

Recipes like these continue to remind us that good cornbread can be used in many ways in addition to the beloved accompaniment to fresh summer vegetables!

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