Savor Summer Tomatoes

Fresh, locally grown tomatoes are one of my favorite things of summer to peel and slice just as my mother did. Sometimes Phil adds a dollop of mayonnaise or cottage cheese, but most of the time they need nothing but a sprinkle of salt and a little fresh ground pepper.

Classics like BLTs, hamburgers, BLT Cornbread Salad and even tomato gravy take on a new dimension made with good summer tomatoes. I’m sure many of you grow your own tomatoes, but if not, check out your local farmer’s market or roadside stand for homegrown tomatoes.

I grew up eating very simple tomato sandwiches made on white bread with a layer of mayonnaise and a little salt and pepper – one of the world’s greatest ideas. I still remember my mother telling me that they used to make tomato sandwiches on cold biscuits. Even as a child, I thought this sounded good. I will occasionally eat a tomato sandwich when I have leftover biscuits and they are delicious! With that in mind, I’ve developed a recipe for Bacon Cheddar and Tomato Biscuit Sandwiches which is delicious for a summer lunch or party.


The buttery drop biscuit has crumbled bacon and cheese stirred right into the dough. Sliced and filled with lettuce and a slice of tomato, it’s certainly a summer treat.

Do you have a favorite way to serve summer tomatoes? I would love to hear about it.

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