Pretty as Peach

We usually say “pretty as a peach” when talking about a pretty little girl, but peaches really are beautiful. Combined with a velvet skin, wonderful flavor and aroma, peaches are a summer treasure.

I feel so lucky to live in a neighborhood with a produce market that’s been in business for over 20 years. Going to a big farmer’s market is always a great option, but to have a trusted friend close by who takes great pride in making sure the best fruits and vegetables of the season are available is wonderful. Since there are just the two of us, I rarely need large quantities, so this option is perfect for us.

I always look forward to peach season. Summer is the only time when really delectable peaches are available, so I’m aware that I need to take advantage of them while they last. This is the time when you want to take advantage of all your favorite peach recipes. By now you’ve probably made your favorite strawberry shortcake, but what about shortcake made with peaches?

Butter Pecan Drop Shortcake with Fresh Peaches is a delicious variation on the classic. Made like the traditional sweet biscuit style shortcake, this one calls for brown sugar and pecans in the shortcake recipe. The shortcakes are sliced and filled with sweetened whipped cream and sliced fresh peaches. It’s sure to become a tradition in your family.

What is your favorite summer peach recipe? I would love to hear about it.

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