Bake a Cobbler for Dear Ole Dad

The temptation to plan a celebration based on doing something we will enjoy instead of the recipient is sometimes a challenge. When trying to figure out how to celebrate Father’s Day, take time to consider the things that make your dad happy.

Coming together around the table for a home cooked meal may be more his style than going to a fancy restaurant. If he loves watching sports on Sunday afternoon, plan your celebration to allow for some recliner time. If your dad’s an outdoorsman, plan a cook-out or a picnic at one of his favorite destinations.

Regardless of how you plan to celebrate, there are probably very few dads who wouldn’t appreciate a good homemade cobbler. No matter your cooking skill, there is a delicious cobbler you’ll love making for your dad.

Lazy Days Blackberry Cobbler

If scratch baking is not your forte, Berry Good Cobbler is delicious and easy to make with a Martha White® Muffin Mix. It’s easy and delicious. If you’re up for a bit more and have basic ingredients like Martha White Self-Rising Flour, milk, sugar and butter, this is really all you’ll need plus berries to make Lazy Days Blackberry Cobbler. If you’ve mastered a basic flaky pie crust, treat your dad to an old-fashioned Peach and Berry Cobbler. No matter which one you choose, he’s sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness, time and effort.

Peach and Berry Cobbler

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