Summer Corn

Oh how we loved my mother’s fried corn in the summer! I wish I knew how many ears she shucked, cut off the cob, scraped and cooked over the years.  She would cut the corn off the cob in a big pan sitting on the porch, so the milk from the corn kernels didn’t splatter all over the kitchen. The fresh vegetable dinners she cooked in the summer almost always included a big bowl of fried corn, and of course, cornbread!

Long before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, corn was cultivated by Native Americans and used for everything from food to medicinal purposes. Corn is a favorite all over the country, but the South has made corn our own. Traditionally, corn was easier to grow than wheat on the small farms of Appalachia and the mid-south. As a result, corn became a staple in the Southern diet – eaten fresh on the cob, fried, dried and ground into corn meal and grits, or used as an ingredient in many of our favorite recipes.

We like corn so much that we often combine it with cornbread. I’m open-minded about anything made with corn meal and Fresh Corn Fritters are delicious. They are made with Martha White® Sweet Yellow Cornbread & Muffin Mix, fresh corn kernels and bacon. These make such a fun appetizer. They also taste great dipped in ranch dressing!

What’s your favorite corn for frying and what tips do you have to create the best fried corn?

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