Cooking Classes for Kids

Some of my fondest childhood memories are the ones I spent in the kitchen with my mother. She was always willing to let me help even when it would have been faster and easier for her to do it herself.

If you’re looking for a great summer project to do with your kids or grandchildren – try a cooking class for kids!  Cooking classes are both fun and educational. When kids are young they often want to help in the kitchen, so take advantage of the opportunity to help them develop basic cooking & baking skills.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Select age-appropriate recipes. For young children, you’ll want to start with something quick and easy like a muffin mix. At this level, coordination is probably the best lesson. As skills develop, they can attempt recipes with more ingredients and instructions.
  • Cleanliness should always be a part of the lesson. Encourage the importance of washing hands.
  • Use a work surface that’s a good height for all involved. Consider using a table instead of the countertop.
  • Be prepared for a little mess when working with kids. To help make cleanup easier, have kids work on a baking sheet or tray. They can assemble everything needed for the recipe – ingredients, bowls, utensils and measuring cups right on the tray. Spills will end up on the tray instead of the floor.
  • Unbreakable bowls and utensils are a safe choice for younger cooks and will also allow them to help with the cleanup.
  • Don’t forget to reward your helper(s)! A little praise and a delicious treat go a long way and will be greatly appreciated.

After mastering the basics, move on to a fun recipe, like Quick and Easy PB&J Muffins.

What’s your favorite recipe to make with kids?

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