It’s County Fair Time!

County fairs are one of the many great fall experiences! The real heart of county fairs is the honor they pay to the talents and hard work of industrious farm families. The original reason for starting a county fair is often overshadowed by the rides, events and crazy foods we associated with a fair.

Fairs are known for multiple displays of art, intricate quilts, jars of colorful canned fruits, vegetables, delectable baked goods and all of the animals. As a child, I will never forget seeing a display of the most amazing variety of chicken breeds. I had no idea there were so many breeds or that they could be so beautiful!

It was people just like this who settled in this great country and are responsible for much of our food and culture. A few years ago my friend Ann married a dairy farmer. She jumped right in and started to help with the milking chores every day, twice a day. Hard work! It gave me a new appreciation of the milk and other dairy products I buy regularly.

What recipe best represents the talent and creativity of the Southern farm kitchen cook? Pies! They’re a great example of a recipe that combines farm grown ingredients with a delicious crust. I chose to share this fried pie recipe, because it combines a simple pastry with dried fruit.  By using dried summer fruit it can be saved for a time when fresh fruits are not available.

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