Pizza for All Seasons

When I was nine years old, my sister moved to Nashville to go to college. In one of her letters home, she shared the news that she had pizza at Melfi’s – a long-gone Italian restaurant here. This was exciting as there were no pizza places in our small town. In fact, we had never eaten pizza in our lives! How things have changed since then!

I usually think of pizza as a cold weather comforting food, but to a true pizza lover, the time of year doesn’t seem to matter. During the warmer months, I like the idea of incorporating seasonal ingredients as toppings and using more vegetables for a fresher flavor in warmer weather.

Pizza Margherita is a perfect example. Tradition implies this pizza was named in honor of the Queen of Italy – Queen Margherita.  The pizza reflects the colors of the Italian flag – red (tomatoes), green (basil) and white (mozzarella). Perfectly simple and delicious!

If you have an herb garden, Three Cheese and Herb Pizza is a great option. This recipe calls for dried herbs, but use fresh herbs if you have them.  Dried herbs make it convenient to prepare this pizza year-round.  However, if using fresh herbs, substitute three times the amount of fresh herbs to the suggested amount of dry herbs as they are more concentrated.

The great thing about Martha White® Pizza Crust Mix is that it is quick and easy to make.  It provides a blank canvas for you to be creative and make your own pizza masterpiece. What are your favorite toppings to add to your pizza?

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