Nashville Food and History Tours

Nashville is such a hot tourist destination right now. Of course, the Music City distinction is well-earned and one in which we take great pride. But, we also have a popular and respected food scene which locals and tourists enjoy.

But Nashville is so much more than a tourist destination – home to several colleges and universities, a thriving economy, diverse culture and an interesting history. I’m happy to report there are tours available that explore the food and history of Nashville, too.

My friend Rebekah, who loves food and is great cook, guides a Food and History tour for Local Tastes of Nashville. Her walking tours include Germantown and The Gulch, two historic areas that have been redeveloped. She takes her guests to eat at five or six restaurants and specialty shops allowing them to experience a “taste” of history along the way.

My friends Mindy and RB, will be hosting a Farewell Taste of Nashville dinner for the Tauck Blue Grass to Blue Ridges Tour – their final stop on a tour that celebrates the culture, history and natural beauty of Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee. The dinner will be the backstory of Nashville food showcasing home entertaining, hotel dining and the meat and three culture. The menu sounds delicious!

The dessert for the Taste of Nashville dinner will be Almond Buttermilk Pound Cake Squares. Pound Cake is, to me, a classic Southern dessert in any variety or flavor. Here is one of our favorite recipes for Buttermilk Chess Pound Cake.

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