Family Friendly Supper Solutions – Tex Mex-Style

Family mealtime rituals and home cooking are things we cherish, but busy Fall schedules don’t leave a lot of time for preparation. The first step to success is planning. Start by collecting quick and easy recipes that taste great.

From time to time I’ve tried different methods of keeping track of recipes I came across in cookbooks, on websites or in magazines, but many of these methods turned out to be too cumbersome and time-consuming. I needed a way to organize them that did not involve retyping or writing on a recipe card. For me personally, my best organizing method was an accordion file, labeled by category. All I had to do was print, copy or tear out the recipe and stick them in the file. This method of organization has served me well for many years and I always recognize favorites by the food stains they now feature!

Have-It-Your-Way Taco Pie

Here are three easy recipes you might like to put in your go-to file. Each one has an easy-to-prepare filling covered with a cornbread topping and a small list of ingredients. The filling can be prepared in advance – making these recipes even easier! At dinnertime, just put the filling in a cast iron skillet, heat and add the cornbread topping. They all bake in 30 minutes or less!

You can hardly go wrong with these simple Tex Mex-Style dinners that will have you sitting down at the dinner table with your family in no time.

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