Bake and Take – Caramel Apple Sheet Cake

As you may know, I’m a huge fan of potluck dinners. When I lived in Alabama we always referred to them as “covered dish dinners.” Potluck dinners are very common at family reunions or church suppers, but regardless of the occasion, I love the concept! We love having a big group of friends join us on our houseboat, but preparation and cost can be daunting! With everyone contributing food or drinks it cuts down cost and preparation time – allowing for more fun!  The truth is that a potluck is not really hard on anyone and good friends enjoy pitching in.

Several of my friends have their potluck specialties that friends request time and time again. My friend, Mary Ann, makes wonderful chocolate fudge pies that she can crank out with ease. They’ve become a favorite and often-requested addition to communal dinners with friends.

Sheet cakes are a great potluck dessert due to the ease of preparation, the amount of servings and can be easily transported in the same pan.

This Caramel Apple Sheet Cake is the perfect choice for fall. The longest part of preparation is peeling and chopping some apples. Stir ingredients together – no mixer required. The caramel icing can be made in advance and stored in the freezer until you’re ready to go!

What are your favorite potluck recipes?

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