Thanksgiving Pies

In my opinion, there should not be a single Thanksgiving meal without pie. We’ve talked about whether pumpkin pie is Southern or not. In my experience, it has not been traditional in the South, but it seems to be more prevalent all the time.


If you would like to have a pumpkin pie with a Southern flair, I have just the recipe for you! Pumpkin Chess Pie is basically the classic with some pumpkin and spices in the filling. The mild pumpkin flavor is delicious! Many people would agree, it’s the pie crust that takes a homemade pie to next level. If that’s not your forte, you will love the Press N’ Bake Cream Cheese Crust. With a mixer, beat cream cheese, butter and flour together and press into the pie pan. Delicious! Of course, feel free to make traditional crust, if you prefer.

No Southern Thanksgiving meal would be complete without a beautiful Pecan Pie, and the Martha White® Pecan Pie is the perfect one. The filling used in both these pies is amazingly easy to stir-up. A flaky, slightly salty homemade pie crust perfectly complements the sweet filling. Alice Jarman’s perfect pie crust method is included with the recipe. A wonderful Southern baker, Alice started the Martha White® Test Kitchen in 1952. She left a legacy of wonderful recipes – many included in our collection today. Alice, we are thankful for you!

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