What Do You Call Turnip Green Broth?

I know it sounds country (and it is!), but turnip green broth is best known as pot likker. It is beloved in the South, both as a country meal staple and a delicacy. Pot likker is the broth or liquid made by cooking greens. I have also heard the term applied to the liquid from cooking beans, peas and other vegetables, but in my experience, pot likker usually refers to greens.

My mother cooked with the seasons, so when summer produce was over, we moved on to turnip greens and collards. The puddle of green liquid left on the plate or in the bowl, just naturally called for another piece of corn bread to dunk or crumble in the broth. I love it the taste, but was surprised to learn many years later that an Inn in Virginia served pot likker as an appetizer or soup in their elegant dining room!

The cooking liquid for greens is simply water seasoned with pork or ham hock, salt and red pepper. However, it is the greens that contribute the unique, earthy flavor we love.

To take this delicacy one step further, my friend Robyn at Add a Pinch has a delicious Pot Likker Soup on her blog. She has graciously given me permission to share it with you. Thanks, Robyn!

And, of course, good cornbread is needed to complete the experience – you can’t go wrong with the classic Martha White® Southern Cornbread .

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